BTS Radio ReLaunch

After a long hiatus, BTS Radio is finally being relaunched. It's felt like a long time since I anxiously awaited every show a few years back, providing me with mixes by beatmakers like Jneiro Jarel, Flying Lotus, DJ Mitsu and others (in fact my second post on this blog was about BTS). But it's great to have it back, especially now that the global beat scene has exploded.

DJ Andrew Meza will be hosting a guest mix every Tuesday and digging up a mix from the archives every Thursday. Of course this will all be graced with art direction by Charles Munka (aka Ques) of LCP United, now also associated with Brainfeeder. Joining the team is Paul Rodriguez, the official photographer who's work has appeared in Spin, Current TV, Ubiquity and other spots. This week's mix is by the UK-based production duo Letherette, featuring their beats and a few favorite tracks.

Download: ♪ Letherette - Beat Showcase #003

BTS Radio
Paul Rodriguez

BTS Radio
Waiting For Annie Clark Mix

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