DJ Okawari - Mirror

I'm usually not big on vector collages like these. I've seen a few too many poor imitations on sites like DeviantART. But the execution and color palette of these covers for DJ Okawari's first and second albums makes them work. They were illustrated by Marumiyan, a Japanese illustrator and designer. His portfolio site features a heavy selection of work ranging from advertising, posters, apparel, branding and more. I, of course, really enjoy his album packaging section.

DJ Okawari is a Japanese DJ and hip-hop produce who's work consists of glossy beats and the jazzy piano playing I often hear in Japanese production. His newest album, Mirror (top), features a guest spot by Amanda Diva along with others. The translation of his bio is a bit iffy, but I can see that he's also worked with the Ohio hip-hop group Five Deez (where have they been?). You can hear samples of Okawari's work on his MySpace page.

DJ Okawari

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