Georgia Anne Muldrow - Umsindo

In July Georgia Anne Muldrow released a new album, Umsindo, featuring 24 tracks of her trademark heavy funk and soul music. Around this same time her partner, Dudley Perkins, also released a new album, Holy Smokes, solely produced by Georgia, focusing more on his rapping skills than his former Stones Throw releases had. Both Georgia and Dudley seek to send a message trough their music, which Dudley explained in this very interesting interview with LA Record.

The cover art for both releases complement each other, painted by Seatle-based artist Tokio Aoyama. Aoyama's portfolio is filled with music-inspired portraits, with artists ranging from Miles Davis to Questlove to Kenn Starr. It's easy to see where his influence comes from. I love his psychadelic treatment of both covers. They also work well as a continuation of the work he did for Dudley and Georgia's previous release, The Message Uni Versa. You can see much more of his work on his MySpace page.

Tokio Aoyama
Georgia Anne Muldrow
Dudley Perkins

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