CoverCast #2: Jazz Epic

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Very soon after I put together the first CoverCast, I decided to pull out some of my favorite records and stay up until 5 AM to create an epic 45 minute long mix of loud, soul-churning jazz-fusion. This is the end product. The plan was to make a non-stop blend of heavy jazz-rock, like tracks two through five. But I decided to spread it out a bit, eventually splitting the mix into movements (ala the epic fusion suites of yore) with appropriately epic titles (I've never heard the word "PEREGRINATION" before). Fusion was a staple of my music diet in high school and on, so I hope you enjoy it. I know I did... Click the link or covers to downloat the zip file, which includes the tracklist.

1. Laurence Welk & Orchestra - Moon River / Soundcraftsman - Instructional Test Record

Movement I : The Vivication
2. Tony Williams - Some Hip Drum Sh!t
3. The Mahavishnu Orchestra - Vital Transformation
4. Jean-Luc Ponty - Enigmatic Ocean, Pt. 2
5. Al Di Meola - Morning Fire

Movement II : The Peregrination
6. Weather Report - Scarlet Woman / Trazana Beverley - No Assistance
7. Airto Moreira - Wake Up Song
8. Larry Corryell & The Eleventh House - Yin
9. The Mahavishnu Orchestra - Inner Worlds / Arthur Ashe - Learn Tennis
10. Tony Williams - This Night This Song

Movement III : The Ascension
11. McCoy Tyner - Fly With The Wind
12. Flora Purim - Open Your Eyes (You Can Fly)
13. Ashok Ingle - Raga Darbari / Devadip Carlos Santana & Turiya Alice Coltrane - Guru Sri Chinmoy Aphorism

Movement IV : The Resurrection
14. Stanley Clarke - Life Is Just A Game

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  1. nice work bro, love flora purim, stan clarke, mahavishnu - really appreciate it... found your blog thru the georgia anne muldrow/tokio post - his work is incredible, anyways interesting read peace...