The Gaslamp Killer - My Troubled Mind

The Gaslamp Killer released his long-awaited first EP, My Troubled Mind, on Brainfeeder yesterday. The album is about 15 minutes of what you'd expect from GLK; A dark, beautiful collage of psychedelic samples and dusty drums. It's available digitally through the usual outlets, like Bleep and Boomkat and also on 10" vinyl, limited to 2000 copies.

The EP's cover was designed by LA-based designer Ilias Panayiotou (check his portfolio on Flickr), with a photo by Theo Jemison (written about previously) on the back cover included in the digital booklet. The artwork fits right alongside the grim, grimy, red/black/white artwork for his previous releases, appropriate for delightful titles such as I Spit On Your Grave (artwork by Shepard Fairey, written about previously) and HELL And The LAKE OF FIRE Are Waiting For YOU!.

Yesterday Brainfeeder posted a link to The Gaslamp Killer's The Gaslamp Killers mix (above, left), well worth listening to. The promotional video below includes photographic direction by Theo Jemison and post-production by LA-based artist ABCNT, with a few familiar faces showing off copies of the new EP.

The Gaslamp Killer - The Gaslamp Killers

The Gaslamp Killer
Ilias Panayiotou
Theo Jemison


  1. Wonder if his mind really is as troubled as it seems to be.

  2. If you ask me the whole Brainfeeder crew is a little bit "wonky", if you catch my drift.

    *comedic drum lick*