Jamie Vexd - In System Travel E.P.

This had to happen eventually. One of my recent favorite artists, Bruno 9li, has his work used on a record cover. That record belongs to Jamie Vexd, an electronic music artist out of the UK on Planet µ Records. This is the first time I've heard his music and I'm impressed. This is just a reminder that I need to check what's happening at Planet µ more often.

Bruno 9li is an artist out of Brazil who creates crazy detailed, pattern-filled, colorful drawings and wall murals that melt my brain. I'm glad someone would eventually pick up on his stuff and placed it on a album cover. Planet µ is a nice fit for his insanity, I think. Below is a great video, interviewing Bruno 9li and showing him work on a few pieces.

Bruno 9l
Jamie Vexd
Planet µ Records


  1. He already did some album artworks for a brazilian band called fresno:

    (oh, i can't post the links here)