Archer Prewitt - Wilderness

For a long time I've been listening to The Sea & Cake, along with digging through John McEntire's other work and picking up Sam Prekop's second solo album. But it took me a while to finally get into Prewitt's music. When I finally did get hold of his album White Sky, I followed up by buying all of his remaining albums soon after. Another occasion where I should have listened to an artist a long time ago.

It's nice to see music artists creating their own artwork for their albums. In this case Archer Prewitt happens to be a professional illustrator, creating his own mini-comic "Sof'Boy" and working as a Marvel Comics colorist. The cover for Wilderness had always caught my eye, illustrated by Prewitt himself as far as I can tell by the liner notes. The cover of Three is pretty interesting as well. Below is an example of his Sof'Boy comic and a vinyl figure (photo by fb5) created by Presspop. There's a 24" version available at Kidrobot for $300...

Archer Prewitt
Archer Prewitt @ Lambiek.net
The Sea & Cake

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