Apollo Sunshine - Shall Noise Upon

I'm not very familiar with Apollo Sunshine, but after seeing the cover of their album, Shall Noise Upon, in artist Cody Hoyt's portfolio I became interested. Apollo Sunshine is a band out of Boston, Massachusetts (explaining why MC/producer Edan is in their top MySpace friends), which Allmusic.com describes as "neo-psychadelic/indie rock".

Cody Hoyt, responsible for the album packaging, is an artist/designer in Sarasota, Florida. I found his work through BOOOOOOOM! and I'm hooked on his abstract drawings and paintings. Judging by his resume he's had quite a few group exhibitions in Boston. Be sure to check out his site for more of his personal work and other album packaging. Above is the cover for an Apollo Sunshine/Mickey Moonlight remix EP.

Below is an interesting music video for Apollo Sunshine's "Singing To Earth" created by the group's guitarist Sam Cohen and his girlfriend Sarah Graves.

Cody Hoyt
Apollo Sunshine

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  1. Not sure if I'm feeling the music, but the artwork is insane though!