Her Space Holiday - Xoxo, Panda & The New Kid Revival

This artwork caught my eye in the shop a few weeks ago. I lost track of Mush Records releases for a while which is why I missed this. Thankfully, it peaked my interest in the label again. Xoxo, Panda & The New Kid Revival is the latest album by Her Space Holiday, an electronic/folk artist out of California. I've never picked up one of his albums, but I have followed a few other artists on Mush's roster including Daedelus, Bibio, Busdriver, Thavius Beck and some others.

The album cover was illustrated by Tokyo-based artist Heisuke Kitazawa. He has a page full of other album packaging he has designed and illustrated in his portfolio. It also looks like he is associated with two other artists I love, Kozyndan. Heisuke is having a solo show at the Giant Robot's GR2 Gallery in LA on April 18th. Below is the cover for Her Space Holiday's single and a cover for De Novo Dahl which I thought was pretty crazy.

Heisuke Kitazawa
Her Space Holiday
Mush Records

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