Clue To Kalo - Lily Perdida

Another album from Mush Records that I heard nothing about. "Clue to Kalo" was originally the pseudonym of Australia-based singer & producer Mark Mitchell. This expanded into a 3-piece live band later on. The music would fall under the "folktronica" label, if you like labels. The songs on the album are meant to be songs written by fictional characters about the also fictional character Lily Perdida.

The album cover was created by the interestingly-named Australia-based design team Webuyyourkids, who got their start making screen-printed concert posters. Their portfolio is deep had has a nice collection of posters, album packaging, animation, illustration and web design they've done. Originally I was led to think the album cover was done by someone named "Overeaten Duck" who was responsible for the work on their album One Way, It's Every Way. Thanks to the magic of MySpace, I was corrected. I still don't know who Overeaten Duck is.

Clue to Kalo
Mush Records

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