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I saw this in CD in the record store last year and knew it was something good. Unfortunately I didn't buy it. I was confused until recently, not knowing that the Stark Reality album "Now", released on Stones Throw, was actually this album plus some unreleased tracks. Either way, it is an amazing psychedelic funk album and I love the artwork. It actually makes me think about the Medeski Martin & Wood album I wrote about a while ago. Sadly, I'm not sure who's responsible for the cover.
Another thing I thought was cool, Monty Stark has a list of hip-hop tracks that have sampled his band on his webpage. If I wasn't tired I'd pull my SP out and start playing...

Update: An anonymous commenter says that the illustration was done by Mel Dietmeier and designed by Jim Bourne. Mel was 18 at the time! There's more about it on Monty Stark's site.

Stark Reality
Monty Stark

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  1. Mel Dietmeier and Jim Bourne did the cover.