Percee P - Perserverance

Another quick post. And yes, it is another Stones Throw release. Sorry.
This is MC Percee P's debut album (he's been in the business for at least 20 years), with Madlib taking care of the production. The next Madvillain? No, but it is a solid album. Rugged rhymes, rugged beats and all that good stuff.

The cover photograph was taken by Joao Canziani, "born and raised in Lima, Peru, spent adolescence in Vancouver, and is now based in Los Angeles." His site has some amazing work on it, like the portrait of singer Mia Doi Todd above.

Joao Canziani's site
Percee P at Stones Throw


  1. The album is blazin'. Jank did a nice job of laying out the lyrics and notes.

  2. Seriously. I'm wondering how long it took someone to transcribe all of Percee P's lyrics. Haha.