My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade

I am not a fan of My Chemical Romance at all. But for some reason my cousin has a copy of their last album, The Black Parade. While I was with him, I just happened to have my copy of Process Recess with me. I tried to explain the relation between the two, but I'm not sure if he understood my art-student-nerd excitement. The package illustrations were done by James Jean, an illustrator who's name pops up whenever you ask a crowd of young illustration students who their favorite illustrator is.

James Jean just recently had Process Recess 2 released by AdHouse Books (Richmond!). After annoying the comic shop owner for a week, I finally got a copy. At 15.5"x11", it's a beautiful book to look at. Full color images grace every page, along with his process work on the back of each piece. A few pages even fold out to be even larger. It seems more like a portfolio he would send to clients than a book. The best part? It's $30. That's crazy, really. It's also completely worth it. People may over-hype Jean's work, but when he's releasing things like this it's hard not to. Look down to see a picture of the book.

James Jean's Site
AdHouse Books
My Chemical Romance


  1. James Jean is one of those guys that makes me wonder why I bother picking up a pencil. I shake that feeling off after a while, but it comes back every time. I gotta cop Process Recess 2, because the first was SO dope.

  2. James Jean is so talented. I must admit I only discovered him after he did the artwork for The Black Parade. So ashamed I didn't find his work sooner.

    Just out of curiosity, have you seen the sketch he did for Panic! At The Disco. In the end they didn't use it and the design become the front page of Process Recess, but I thought you might be interested to see the original: http://www.processrecess.com/panic-3.jpg

  3. I don't think I knew that the PR2 cover was meant to be for Panic At The Disco. Interesting!