Update: Kanye West - Graduation

Oh, wow. I made a post about the "fake" cover for Kanye's new album a while ago. As a commenter on Nah Right put it: "That covers on some wierdo status…" I think that best describes it. I reiterate from my last post, what other mega-popular mainstream hip-hop artist is going to feature Takashi Murakami on their album cover? No one. This is weird, and I love it. I applaud this kind of craziness reaching into the mainstream on what will probably be one of the best selling albums of the year. Forget Curtis. Hopefully the album's this quirky.



  1. I really appreciate how much effort Kanye puts into his albums. He goes out of his way to find talented artists and producers, who bring a certain unique quality to each of his albums.whereas artists like 50 just have the same ol' producers, and album covers of themselves greased down in baby oil
    rockin jewels. Glad to see someone as passionate about album covers as me.

  2. If that's the cover... it's a cool illustration, but very weak type treatment.