Kanye West - Graduation

According to several sources, the recently released cover for Kanye West's forthcoming third album is a fake. I'm not surprised. It looked a bit too simple, especially compared to the previous two. Fortunately, I'm pretty sure they're keeping Takashi Murakami on board for the finished version. The Kanye mascot looks nice in his style. I dig the shades.

Who is Takashi Murakami? He is a contemporary Japanese artist credited with creating the post-modern "Superflat" movement. Superflat work is known for it's ironic use of popular Japanese imagery and its critiques on post-war Japan. Another well known artist within the genre is Yoshitomo Nara.

What's funny about this pairing is that both Kanye and Murakami have connections with Louis Vuitton. Murakami has worked on products for the company, and Kanye gives shout outs to them in every song.

I often criticize Kanye for being a bit arrogant. But sometimes I feel like he has the right to be. What other mega-popular mainstream hip-hop artist is going to put the "Japanese Andy Warhol" on his album cover? Sampling and making a video with Daft Punk? Having Bonnie Prince Billy in a parody music video? I think it's exciting for him to release a more innovative album on the same day as 50 Cent's new CD Curtis. I'll be waiting to see who comes out on top. My vote's for the Louis Vuitton Don.

Check out the hilarious parody video on Kanye's website.
Learn more about Murakami at his site.


  1. so i check out your site from drawn! and already from this most recent post, i'm hooked.

    awesome concept.

    i've liked kanye's covers so far and so this pairing looks to keep up the win streak.