Junk Science - Feeding Einstein

Junk Science is a hip-hop duo on Embedded Records. I saw them perform with label-mate Cool Calm Pete, Asamov and The Perceptionists back in 2005. They all put on a great, fun show, but Cool Calm Pete was my favorite overall. Either way, the cover of JS' LP has a hand shoveling a collage of things into a puppet-Einstein's mouth, taking the album's title very literally.

The album packaging was done by Brent Rollins, a member of the Ego Trip Creative Collective, well known for their series of specials on VH1. His website is under construction, but judging from the small sampling of work he has up, he's been in the business for quite a while. The earliest logo is for Boyz in the Hood back in 1991. The two album covers suggest to me that he's done a long list of others that I don't know about. Hopefully, when his website is finished, I'll be able to see what else he's done. He also worked on the book Can't Stop Won't Stop. If you feel the need to read up on hip-hop history, it's worth checking out.

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  1. Junk Science cover is creepy in a cool way.