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While lurking around dubstepforum.com I ran across a thread essentially talking trash about the cover of Hyperdub's 5 year anniversary compilation. "So, Hyperdub 5 has the ugliest cover art ever known to man". I've got to disagree. The cover was designed by Manuel Sepulveda, the same designer behind the cover of Harmonic 313's latest releases. I think the abstract pattern and symbols fit very well with the dark, digital, futuristic themes Hyperdub plays off of.

Someone in the thread linked to Sepulveda's Flickr account, which I hadn't seen before. It included some detail shots of the cover. If you look closely you can see a repition of the Hyperdub logo (I didn't notice that until a few minutes ago). He has quite a few other pattern-based pieces on Flickr which I think are worth checking out, along with a set of album covers, including that Squarepusher cover I love so much.

Another interesting note is that the album is packaged in a miniature DVD case, about the size of a regular jewel case. I've never seen a case like this and it's a great step to make this release unique. The compilation features one CD of new tracks by Hyperdub artists and friends, including Kode9, Burial, Flying Lotus, Samiyam and others. The second disc includes older Hyperdub tracks, some being released on CD for the first time. I was really anticipating this release and got exactly what I expected. Two hours of dubstep and dubstep-related music, all of it good. I highly recommend it.

Manuel Sepulveda

When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence

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