Koushik - Outside My Window (Instrumentals)

Slow posts this week and last week. Job is hectic, etc. Anyway, in a string of free releases by Koushik through Stones Throw Records, today they are offering up an instrumental version of his album Out My Window for free. One week only! It also includes "5 or 6"(?) beats which were not included on the album. Hopefully you didn't miss Beep Tape up for free last week and Tell Me What You See, which I'm still confused about.

Of note is the cover photo shot by photographer Eric Coleman, half of the Mochilla production company with Brian Cross. The timing is good, considering his solo show which will open on the 24th at Mochilla Headquarters in Los Angeles. Of course, I won't be able to go. I'm on the other side of the states. But maybe you can make it? His portfolio is beautiful, which you can see here.

Download: ♪ Koushik - Out My Window (Instrumentals + Bonus Beats)
Download: ♪ Koushik - Tell Me What You See

Eric Coleman
Stones Throw Records

Wax Poetics - The Brazil Issue

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