Hudson Mohawke - Butter

I had to share this artwork posted by Warp Records today for the upcoming Hudson Mohawke album, Butter. It's pretty ridiculous and I love it. You could toss this on a kid's Trapper Keeper and it would be perfect. There's nothing better than iguanas, hawks and hippos to let you know that this music is going to be wild. All it needs is three wolves to go with that giant moon. Also, that logo type is gnarly.

The artwork was a collaboration between Dom Sum of the Scotland-based LuckyMe collective and Kon-om-Pax, who's done work for DFA, Warp, Planet Mu and others. Kon-om-Pax is also responsible for the cover of HudMo's Warp debut EP, Polyfolk Dance (below), which used fingers as type. You can check out his show-reel here. Butter is being released on October 12th. You can listen to and download the sampler below.

Download: ♪ Hudson Mohawke - Butter Sampler

Hudson Mohawke
Dom Sum
LuckyMe collective
Warp Records

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