Broadcast & The Focus Group - Investigate Witch Cults Of The Radio Age

broadcast & the focus group

UK-based psychedelic-pop band Broadcast have returned with a new (50 minute long) mini-album on Warp Records, in preparation for a full-length to be released sometime next year. The album is a collaboration with The Focus Group, aka Julian House, a designer and music artist with a similar affinity for library music and electronics.

I love the album cover as well as the video, "#1: Witch Cults", above. Physical copies will be available on CD October 26th, with vinyl being sold during their US tour. Below is a segment of the story written by Jonny Trunk that Warp recommends reading while listening to the audio trailer which you can download underneath. You can read the rest here.

"Some party. I only realized that the punch had been spiked when I started laughing at things that weren’t funny. I staggered out into the mansion’s highland gardens to get some air and to try and get some kind of peace and quiet in my busy head, but it was no use. Even outside everything around me became louder, weirder, brighter, darker, I just couldn’t seem to get a hold on anything normal at all. The warm night’s breeze seemed to blow me towards a dimly lit path that led me to a large, ancient walled garden. And right in the middle of this walled square sat a huge black cube, which seemed to be making peculiar disjointed twinkling sounds. I looked around and I swear that all the plants and herbs and everything planted was watching, listening and moving about to the sounds this giant cube thing was making. I remember thinking it was all quite enchanting but in the wrong sort of way."

Download: ♪ Broadcast & The Focus Group - Audio Trailer

The Focus Group
Warp Records

When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence
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