Spectral Sound - Spectral Sound Vol. 2

Spectral Sound Vol. 2 is a compilation celebrating the 50th release of Ghostly International's counterpart label Spectral Sound. It's a mass of 50 chronologically ordered house and techno tracks including artists like James T. Cotton (Dabrye), Osborne, Matthew Dear and others. The best part about it? The download is only $11. It's tempting.

The artwork was created by Brooklyn-based artist Sougwen Chung. The work on her portfolio site is beautiful, including the poster above and a seperate page of great sketchbook drawings. Below is a video where she was asked by TWiN Studios/Rabbit Content to draw for 30 minutes while listening to an album of their choosing.

Also, I'm not sure why I never noticed this, but Ghostly has a page of visual artists they've worked with. I wish every label did this.

Sougwen Chung
Ghostly International

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