Bibio - Ambivalence Avenue

Bibio is an artist I've been interested in for a while, but I never got around to picking up one of his Mush Records releases. English-born Stephen Wilkinson is known for his atmopsheric, folk-inspired tracks, often making use of field recordings and low-fi loops of acoustic guitars. This new album, his first release on Warp Records, seems to take a bit of a departure, somewhat more electronic. It even includes a few Dilla-instrumental-inspired beats, something I didn't expect.

The illustrations, which I think complement Bibio's sound very well, were done by Hungary-born, UK-based artist David Foldvari, who's work often consists of bold, black & white figures set against well-placed spot colors. His work as been used on several other album covers as well, including UK garage artist Just Jack's second album, Overtones. The first image below was used on the cover of one of the singles, Writer's Block, Pt. 1..

And this is a clip of Bibio piecing together the track "Sugarette" on an MPC, from the new album.

David Foldvari
Just Jack

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