Various - SMACK! Sampler

It's not often that I hold onto free sampler CD packaging, but this is different. Back in 2006 I picked this up at the local music store and immediately recognized the artist, Yuko Shimizu. She's been one of my favorite current illustrators for several years thanks to her surreal, textured, often ukiyo-e print inspired style. She is a graduate from and instructor at the School of Visual Arts in New York, and I highly regret not being able to attend her lecture at my alma mater a few months ago. Oh well.

While visiting her portfolio site a few days ago I noticed a ton of sampler CD covers she's done for The Word Magazine's Now Hear This! series. (below), all of which are pretty amazing. You can see the rest of them and more of her music related work here.

Yuko Shimizu
The Word Magazine

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  1. Thanks for this! I found the Smack! CD two years ago in Philly and know nothing else about it. Awesome!