Jazz Covers

Vince the Slapchop guy was right. The Germans do make great stuff. For a few years I've been a big fan of German publisher Taschen's selection of books. "Illustration Now!", "The Golden Age of Advertising - The 70's" and their large but cheap books on artists like Egon Schiele being a few of my favorites. I ran across this book, "Jazz Covers", a few months ago and finally decided to pick it up.

I'm glad I did. This book is enormous, with almost 500 pages. Covers are organized alphabetically by artist, with selections dating back to the 40's up to the 90's. All covers have information provided next to them, some with brief descriptions and information on the artist. While I love my Blue Note Records album cover book, this is a nice reminder that jazz covers are more than Reid Miles and Francis Wolff (although they are well represented here and still awesome).

The book also includes interviews with people like Rudy Van Gelder and Creed Taylor, along with top 10 lists by DJs like King Britt and Gilles Peterson. You can actually take a look at the entire book on Taschen's website, if you feel like flipping through 500 pages of a digital Flash-based simulation.

Jazz Covers

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