Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins - Clutch of The Tiger

The mysterious Clutchy Hopkins does a long distance collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Shawn Lee. I have yet to pick up an album by either of them, but I plan to soon. I'm still baffled by Clutchy Hopkins, with his connection to the also-mysterious Misled Children. But the music is good, so it doesn't really matter.

What caught my attention about this particular album was the artwork done by Jim Mahfood, a well-known comic book artist in LA. I first came across his work after buying his book of sketches, Puttin' The Backbone Back, which included a doodle of DOOM. He also did a great comic based on the music of Atmosphere's Slug and Murs' second collaboration album, Felt 2, in which he illustrated the lyrics. Also just recently picked up his entry into the Sparrow art book series. Anyway, here's a video of him using a tooth brush.

Jim Mahfood
Shawn Lee
Clutchy Hopkins

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