The Beatles - Abbey Road

Caught this weird time-lapse video on Boing Boing of tourists mimicking the cover of The Beatles' album Abbey Road. Designed by Kosh, shot by Iain Macmillan in the 60's, after being given only 10 minutes to shoot the image, which then became one of the most imitated in history. Tourists aren't the only ones copying it...

Even Kanye got in on it. I personally like George Benson and Booker T. & The M.G.'s versions the most. There's also a webcam, if you really want to know what's happening on Abbey road.

The Beatles
Iain Macmillan
Boing Boing

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  1. Lol @ that vid. Never been there actually, even though I'm european and all that.
    Common did it to: http://kttns.org/rlzgi feel free to add!
    Dope post.