Samon Kawamura - Unfold

A fold-out poster from what of one my surprise favorites of 08', Germany-based Samon Kawamura's Unfold. Didn't know who he was before hearing the album. Then I noticed that I kept listening to it repeatedly. Now I play both of his albums continuously on shuffle. Beats inspired by Dilla, Jneiro, Madlib, etc. Featuring artists such as Ta'Raach, Aloe Blacc, Oh No. He's also associated with Jazzy Sport in Japan, home of Gagle. It was impossible for me to not love this. I'll be excited to see what's up next for him.
The artwork was done by Frederik Frede, a designer out of Germany who has an impressive portfolio and a few other album covers under his belt. Samon even wrote to him to say how happy he was with the work.

Samon Kawamura
Frederik Frede

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