Johnson & Jonson - Self-Titled

Three Blu-related posts in a row? Oops. This should be the last one. Blu's collaboration with producer Mainframe finally got released this year, under the name Johnson & Jonson. It lived up to my expectations and it's one of my favorite albums of '08. Mainframe seems to have a really raw, strictly-samples production style that I really like. Blu is top-notch as usual. After seeing the video for "Bout it Bout It" (below) last year, I knew I needed this album. Worth the wait.

The cover was painted by artist Shawn Barber, who's well known for his paintings of tattooed figures, a series of doll pieces and a piece for Kat Von D from Discovery Channel's LA Ink. The red baby is apparently a self-portrait.

Shawn Barber
Johnson & Jonson

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