The Foreign Exchange - Leave It All Behind

After four years, Nicolay and Phonte finally drop another album together as The Foreign Exchange. This time, only two tracks have a few seconds of emceeing. The rest is soulful crooning by Phonte and friends over electronic-tinged production. I've seen some people who aren't that into the concept, but for me its been one of my favorite albums this year.

The album comes in a great double CD digipak. The second CD is made up of instrumentals. The black & white scheme lends well to the music, I think. And the photo cover works to convey the albums theme of losing and gaining love. All artwork was done by the Kompleks Creative Group.

I also want to mention the promo videos, which are simply recorded IM messages, taken from the fact that Phonte and Nicolay made the whole album through IM. And if you look close at the video you'll notice that one of the user's icons is the cover of Herbie Hancock's Speak Like A Child, which is clearly the inspiration for the cover of the first Foreign Exchange album, Connected. Neat.

The Foreign Exchange
Komplex Creative Inc.

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