Jackson Conti - Sujinho

Sujinho is a fantastic collaboration between Madlib and Azymuth member Ivan Conti. I actually didn't expect to see it in the store, but I was very glad I did. Mochilla, who released the album, has a good eye for packaging, as evidenced by their Keepintime DVDs.

I am a sucker for digipaks and even more of a sucker when that digipak involves Brian Cross (aka B+), a favorite photographer of mine. In fact, he photographed the cover of my very first hip-hop purchase, Jurassic 5's Quality Control. He also does quite a bit of work for Stones Throw Records and Wax Poetics, along with a wealth of other artists/labels/whatever. I've seen his name pop up so much that I don't feel like I can accurately cover all his work. So I'm happy to see that his portfolio has been upgraded after having the same layout for several years. The photography below is from Blackalicious's Blazing Arrow, another one of my favorite albums.

Brian Cross

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