Daedelus - Love to Make Music To

Haven't been posting for a few weeks, probably because I was busy moving and haven't had the chance to pick up music lately. I'll try to post more often soon.

Anyway, this is a great new album by one of my absolute favorite artists working in electronic music, Daedelus. I feel the album is a logical step in his craft and I'm enjoying it greatly. I like the direction, similar to Exquisite Corpse in a way but perhaps more focused and danceable.

The packaging was designed by illustrator/designer Sasha Barr who's website I've visited once before. I think the cover is great and the placement of a monome on the back is perfect. It also comes with a poster! Wonderful. The rest of her portfolio is impressive as well. Also, check out the music video to the single "Make It So (Featuring Micheal Johnson)".

Sasha Barr

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