John McLaughlin - Devotion

An example of unnecessary design. I never saw the original cover (left) of John McLaughlin's Devotion until today. I was never truly interested in this record because the cover of the reissue (right) always turned me off. If I had seen the original I think I would have been much more interested. Solid type, great visual. The reissue is just awkward and I'm not a fan of the type. It also looks like they cropped the image somehow and made it less interesting. A bit too 90's... Why not just stick with the original? Fortunately, It's still a good album if you want to hear where the Mahavishnu Orchestra came from.

Update: Walter Kolosky, writer of Power, Passion and Beauty, a book telling the story of The Mahavishnu Orchestra, stated that the reissue cover was cropped from an image on the inside of the fold-out LP cover.


  1. The reissue picture was cropped from the image that was located inside the original jacket cover. Though Devotion was a single record album, it was packaged like a double album and folded-out. The fold-out was 100% covered with the psychedelic image from which the reissue cropped from. It was almost like a poster.


    Walter Kolosky

  2. Thanks! I wish I could get my hands on the original.