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Savath & SavalasVidas Animadas

I'm surprised I haven't mentioned artist/designer Maya Hayuk yet. This is the cover she made for a mini album by Scott Herren's (aka Prefuse 73) Savath & Savalas project. It was the desktop background on my laptop for several weeks freshman year.
Maya has a very distinctive, folky style that I really like. Other than Mr. Herren, she's done work for Devendra Banhart, Cinematic Orchestra, !!! and more. Actually, as I'm flipping through her site, she's done more covers than I realized. That includes Blockhead's Music by Cavelight, Savath & Savalas' first album Apropa't, an RJD2 comp and Akrobatik's Balance, which is decidedly more designer-ish and toned down than I'm used to seeing from her. But it all works very well.

I also noticed she has a book available called "Just Good Vibes" that I just now noticed at the book store.

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