Baron Zen - At The Mall: The Remixes

Baron ZenBaron Zen Theme (Danny Breaks Remix)

Another Stones Throw release, yes. But this time it does not involve Jeff Jank.

Before he was DJing and running his own record label, Peanut Butter Wolf was programming drums for Baron Zen with a guy called Sweet Steve. The insert does a better job of describing the music than I could: "post punk/no wave/industrial/experimental/electro clash/goth hop." The remix album features interpretations from a few Stones Throw artists (Madlib, J.Rocc, James Pants & PBW himself) along with some other names I'm not familiar with. Either way, it's good music. The CD also comes with the full original album, something I wasn't aware of until I picked it up.

The artwork and design was done by a group called Hypnotic Overlap, specifically Stephen Serrato and Kristian Henson. I don't have much information on them, but I recognize some of the work. Henson's site is under construction but has a PDF for download. I was surprised to see an Ubiquity Records t-shirt design (I've always wondered who did them) and a Motorola ad. Serrato also has some impressive design work. At the top of this post is the spread in the middle of the insert, though I'm not sure which of the two designers is responsible for it. The image below is Serrato's. Both of their sites are worth a look-through, along with the rest of the team.

Baron Zen Info
Hypnotic Overlap's Site

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