Beastie Boys - To The 5 Boroughs

I came across The Beastie's album To The 5 Boroughs while looking through my CD collection in my hometown. Since the album never managed to fully impress me, I never got to appreciate the beautiful artwork. The panoramic drawing of NYC was done by Matteo Pericoli, an architect-turned-artist who has become well known for work like this. He has published several books of his work that can be found on his website, along with quite a few interviews by big-name publications. The digipak folds out to 7 pages, revealing the scroll drawing of New York on both sides. You can view the entire image by clicking the first image below. The package design was done by Nathanial Homblower. I have no idea who that is. MCA's pen-name?

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  1. nathanial hornblower is MCA's 'pen name'.